Saints Row IV is coming out soon, and you might as well accept it.

Developer Volition and publisher Deep Silver will release the next game in the insane open-world crime game Aug. 20 for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The new Saints Row takes place primarily in a virtual world. Gamers must guide their character, which is the President of the United States, as he fights to rescue his homies using superpowers and sociopathic puckish-rogue abilities.

To help you come to grips with the impending release, Volition put together a very, very tall infographic with tons of stats and information about Saints Row IV. For example, it features 77 minutes of original music and seven character-voice options. Additionally, Volition required 1,506 pizzas to get through development.

Check out the full infogrpahic below:

Saints Row IV infographics