Earlier today, Activision revealed the multiplayer for Call of Duty: Ghosts, and the publisher made a big push to present the game as its premiere e-sports offering.

What does this mean for e-sports? Well, it means no Call of Duty: Blacks Ops II, Halo, or any other first-person shooter for Major League Gaming.

Activision has entered a partnership making Ghosts as the MLG’s exclusive first-person shooter. That means that once Ghosts hits the market, Black Ops II is done in North America’s biggest pro-gaming organization.

Activision also plans to hold another Call of Duty Championship tournament.

The publisher made waves with Black Ops II when it launched the original Call of Duty Championship in an effort to make the title a major e-sports attraction. The gambit succeeded, and Black Ops II is now one of the biggest draws for Major League Gaming.