Exponential Entertainment, which built its name making movie trivial games on the web, is moving into mobile games with its Movie Pong freemium title.

The mobile game is now available on Apple’s iOS devices, and it will use film clips from Universal Pictures and Sony Pictures as part of its trivial puzzle games. The title is a fast-paced mobile game that challenges friends to see who can quickly identify iconic scenes and popular lines from movies.

Dave Long, the chief executive of Seattle-based Exponential, said in an interview with GamesBeat that players will be challenged to guess the right movie for famous lines such as “Say hello to my little friend” (Scarface) or “We need a bigger boat” (Jaws). Among the thousands of scenes in the game are those from Back to the Future (Universal Pictures), Ghostbusters (Sony Pictures), and Jerry Maguire (Sony Pictures) to current blockbuster hits such as Bridesmaids (Universal Pictures), and This Is 40 (Universal Pictures).

Long said the app makes sense because you can use it while waiting in line to see a movie. Players can go head-to-head against friends, wherever they are. They can choose from nine theme-packs like Pulse-Pounders, Lightning-Fast Lines, Laugh-Out-Loud and Leading Ladies. Each challenge has five questions that include four sound clips and one video scene. To win a round, a player has to get the correct answers faster than an opponent.

“If you like movies, you’ll love Movie Pong,” said Long. “How many times have you quoted classic movie lines with friends or challenged friends to recall characters, actors, or movies? This is a game movie audiences already love to play. We gathered the best scenes and sounds and put it into a mobile game that makes it easy to challenge friends anywhere, at any time.”

Founded in 2008, Exponential has a rich history of creating movie-themed games. At his previous company, Long created the blockbuster DVD game series Scene It?, which sold more than 25 million units before it was purchased by Paramount Pictures. Exponential Entertainment has a full pipeline of content coming.

“Movies are a huge part of our culture and people feel comfortable communicating through movies lines,” Long said.

Exponential started work on its mobile game at the beginning of the year, focusing on a freemium model. You start with three movie packs and can purchase more. The company has raised $4 million and is in the midst of raising a new round, starting with convertible debt.

Exponential won our first annual Who’s Got Game game startup contest at the GamesBeat 2009 conference. We’ll hold the contest for the fifth time this fall at GamesBeat 2013.