Microsoft’s Kinect sensor isn’t just for gaming. It has medical and business applications too.

Startup Ubi Interactive, which was a finalist in Microsoft’s Kinect accelerator back in April 2012, has been hard at work on a Kinect-powered device that can “turn any surface into a multi-touch display.” And the product is finally on sale online.

The actual setup takes a little work. You need a computer running Ubi’s software, a projector, and a Kinect for Windows sensor. But, if you’re a business and want to give touch-based presentations, for example, the cost and setup isn’t too bad.

One business that uses Ubi is a construction company called The Walsh Group. Ubi CEO Anup Chathoth writes in a blog post that The Walsh Group uses Ubi for presentations that are a step above the rest.

“Instead of merely presenting drawings to clients, Walsh can now set up an interactive 3-D blueprint on the wall,” Chathoth writes. “Clients can walk up to the blueprint and discover what the building will look like by touching and interacting with the display. In use at Walsh headquarters since June 2012, Ubi Interactive brings client engagement to an entirely new level.”

A single “basic” unit with a 45-inch display size runs for $149, while a single “professional” unit with a 100-inch display size runs $379.

Check out the video below to see Ubi’s product in action: