It looks like Twitter is once again experimenting with new features for its iOS app, this time with one that highlights local events that are happening around you.

The new feature, which was spotted by TechCrunch today, comes a day after Twitter started testing a trending TV show banner feature that sits at the top of a user’s timeline. Both trending TV shows and live local events are particularly important for Twitter because they boost user activity. And boosting activity around a specific event or show is valuable as the startup attempts to build its advertising strategy.

The feature itself is based on pulling out hashtags that are trending for a specific event if it’s within your general location. And much like the trending TV show banner, the event feature displays the hashtag for that event along with when it’s happening and how far away you are from it in its own banner that sits at the top of your timeline. It also displays a recent tweet from (I’m guessing) someone you follow who used that hashtag. And if you’re annoyed or uninterested in the event, you can dismiss the banner by clicking the X in the corner of the screen.

We’re reaching out to Twitter to find out more information about the trending events feature, such as when it might roll out to all users and if it will eventually pop up on the company’s Android app and website.