Cable network Viacom has tentatively reached an agreement with Sony to bring livestreams of its cable channels to a new TV service, the New York Times reported yesterday.

The agreement would go a long way in helping Sony’s forthcoming next-gen console the PlayStation 4 compete with Microsoft’s new Xbox One, which will have advanced entrainment capabilities like full integration with cable and satellite TV services. (That is, assuming Sony is developing its new TV service for the PlayStation.)

The move also makes sense for Viacom, who is likely eager to expand its licensing deals after failed contract renewals with cable providers like Time Warner Cable and DirecTV led to Viacom blacking out its channels for weeks — thus making them lose money.

The tentative agreement would bring all of Viacom’s channels to Sony, including Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, BET, Logo, Spike, and others. We’re reaching out to Viacom and Sony for more information, and will update the post with any new information.