Battlefield 4 developer DICE today revealed exactly what gamers comes with Battlefield 4 Premium — and it’s more than just expansion packs.

Battlefield 4 Premium is DICE’s expanded downloadable-content season pass for the upcoming modern-military shooter. Players who purchase it will get all five planned expansion packs, but the developer is also throwing in a bunch of other goodies like early access to the game itself and new content packs.┬áThe special membership also guarantees a spot for Premium players in priority server queues. The content bundle will also update with new stuff for players to download every week.

EA’s Battlefield 4 is the big first-person shooter due out this fall. It will release on Oct. 29 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. It is also due out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 when those consoles launch.

EA didn’t announce a price for Battlefield 4 Premium.