Sony is bringing back World War II by announcing a new console version of the War Thunder online game in, of all places, Cologne, Germany.

War Thunder, a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game on the PC, is coming to the PlayStation 4 as a console exclusive and launch title, Sony revealed today at Gamescom.

The console version of the game from Gaijin Entertainment is a high-end flight simulator that gives players access to hundreds models of planes with detailed cockpits, dozens of upgradeable weapons, and a huge territory as a combat theater. The battles can be fought on air, land, and sea.

Players can battle each other or join dynamic campaigns together. Options include dynamic campaigns, solo missions, mission editor, and much more for single-player and cooperative gameplay. Looks like World of Warplanes from Wargaming has some real competition.

Players will be able to fight cross-platform battles on the PS4 and PC. The game is in open beta on the PC, where it has 3 million beta users, and will soon be available as a beta on the Mac. It’s also in development for the Oculus Rift virtual reality system.

“The age-old battle between who rocks more, console or computer gamers, now has arena for it to take place,” said Anton Yudintsev,  the CEO of Gaijin Entertainment, in a statement. “War Thunder for the PlayStation 4 is cross-platform compatible allowing for computer and console fans to battle it out for gaming supremacy. Just think of it,more than hundred planes, tanks and ships – all fighting on the same map. We look forward to seeing our 3 million plus online community take to the skies, or prowl on the ground to do battle in War Thunder accompanied by PS4 users.”

War Thunder for PS4 will have more than 300 historically accurate WWII military vehicles available at launch.

During World War II, Cologne was one the cities most targeted by air raids from the Allies — including the Allies’ first 1,000-bomber attack.