Twitter has hired Google’s former media and entertainment chief, Jennifer Prince, to spearhead its own outreach to Hollywood.

Prince, who worked for Google for just two years, will help Twitter make even further inroads into the ways that music and movie publishers use the social network, Variety reports.

Her mission is sales-focused, not just strategic, which is consistent with her background in sales at Google and, before that, Demand Media, YouTube, Red Herring, the WSJ, and Ziff Davis. Prince will be hiring a sales team to work with her in Los Angeles.

Twitter has already focused intently on winning the hearts of celebrities, who have found that it’s a powerful (if sometimes tricky) platform with which to interact directly with their fans. Now, it seems, the company wants to cash in on that cachet by convincing the studios who employ those celebrities to make use of Twitter in their marketing campaigns.

The company insists that this is not a step towards building Twitter into a media business. “This is not a content play,” a company rep told Variety.