We have a great community of writers here at GamesBeat. You can check out their work over at GamesBeat Unfiltered. Now, the awesome thing about writing for us is that you can muse on any topic you want! Well, anything remotely related to gaming, anyway.

Still, we do like to occasionally call for certain kinds of submissions, usually on a specific game or topic. This time, however, we’re asking for stories that will make us laugh. Maybe you have a humorous anecdote from some online match gone horrible wrong. Maybe you’d like to write a merciless review for one of your least favorite games. Maybe you always wanted to create a poem about Mario’s mustache.

So, if you want to write a funny story but don’t know how to submit articles to us, then head over to our “about” page and find out how to make an account and start writing your own material for GamesBeat Unfiltered. Our editors select your best articles, professionally edit them, and promote them to GamesBeat’s front page.

We also love rewarding our writers with occasional gifts. We’ll take everyone who writes a funny story from now until Sept. 6 (about two weeks) and enter them into a contest for a free game.

Have fun, everyone!