Updated at 12:30 p.m. PT after trading resumed.

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and many other top-tier tech companies had their stocks frozen today when the Nasdaq exchange halted trading in a huge intra-day shutdown that lasted more than three hours.

All securities on the Nasdaq were halted today around 9:14 a.m. PT due to a technical glitch. Trading resumed shortly after 12:25 p.m. PT, with the Nasdaq actually rising slightly after it re-opened.

Nasdaq has not disclosed what caused the glitch, but it clearly it was massive.

More than $5.7 trillion worth of stocks are locked up right now in the Nasdaq exchange. Despite the shutdown, Nasdaq said it did not cancel orders any orders made during the halt period.

“Nasdaq will not be canceling open orders on the book. Customers who wish to cancel their orders may do so and any customer who wishes to not participate in the re-opening should cancel their orders prior to the resumption of trading,” a Nasdaq spokesperson told VentureBeat.

We have reached out to a Nasdaq spokesperson to see if we can get more info about what happened today.