Technical-talent recruitment startup GroupTalent has just gotten its mitts on the userbase of Work for Pie, one of our favorite tools for developers to show off their skills.

Work for Pie, which failed to meet its business goals, was a nifty, visual mix between LinkedIn and GitHub with a singular focus on the dev community. It showcased your code, skills, and work history, rendering each dev an overall score between 1 and 100.

Via email with GroupTalent reps, we’ve learned that Work for Pie “is closing its doors due to financial restraints.”

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With that, WFP’s users will be transitioned over to GroupTalent. From the announcement:

Effective today, all Work for Pie developers and designers will have the option of continuing with GroupTalent. All Work for Pie customers will receive an email asking them to migrate to the GroupTalent platform and will be sent to a special sign up page tailored to Work for Pie customers that will allow them to set up their profile.

This isn’t the first time GroupTalent has effectively bought a small but loyal band of developer-users from jobs-focused communities. Last year, the company also bought Tinyproj, a project-posting site from Forrst creator Kyle Bragger.

GroupTalent’s feature set doesn’t exactly duplicate the Work for Pie résumé. Rather, it matches technical talent with jobs for short-term, long-term, and contract work. GroupTalent will not be using any of the Work for Pie tech or product.