MogoTXT has raised $78,000 in a Kickstarter campaign to create an arcade-style football game dubbed Gridiron Thunder.

The pro-football title still has 14 days to go in its crowdfunding campaign, but it has already raised $78,123 from 110 backers, beating the original goal of $75,000. Andrew Won, chief executive at MogoTXT, described the game as a return to the arcade experience. The crazy, rambunctious release will feature wild touchdown dances and exaggerated features on the animated players.

“It’s taking it back to the fundamental aspects of sport, which is why they play it, because it’s fun,” said developer Will Perone. The offering will have fantasy football and social media elements and should launch this fall.

The MogoTXT team wants to develop a series of sports titles for the Ouya Android-based gaming console. Gridiron Thunder could qualify for matching funds from the Free the Games Kickstarter grant-matching fund. That means Ouya will match the amount of money MogoTXT raises for its project.

Gridiron Thunder will come out on Ouya, Android, and iOS.