Cloud-solutions firm Ubitus and television manufacturer LG are partnering for a new cloud-gaming service that will beam directly to LG’s Smart TVs in Korea.

The two companies announced C-games today that essentially turns certain LG TV models into gaming consoles. Without discs or downloads, gamers can quickly access titles like Street Fighter X Tekken and Lego Batman 2.

According to LG and Ubitus, C-games has low latency, full HD graphics, and game support from Korean publishers like Nexon and Neowiz.

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“Ubitus commits to work with LG U+ and LG Electronics to jointly deliver exceptional gaming experience directly through Smart TV to consumers,” Ubitus chief executive Wesley Kuo said in a statement. “We believe Korean consumers will be amazed at how effortless it is to enjoy console-quality games directly and instantly on their LG Smart TVs. Select, click, and [you’re] ready to play, just like the way they’ve been enjoying video-on-demand services.”

Ubitus competes with services like OnLive, which also offer cloud-gaming services. Like Ubitus, OnLive built its service into some televisions.