If you’re trying to figure out what might one day replace the password, follow the money.

Switzerland-based biometrics authentication company KeyLemon has just raised $1.5 million in a Series A round. KeyLemon’s software lets users log into their devices using their faces, or more recently, their voices.

At its core, KeyLemon takes advantage of two trends in computing today: the rise of the embedded camera (and microphone), and the growing distaste with the conventional password.

While lots of companies are doing roughly the same thing as KeyLemon, the company has its own bit of traction: KeyLemon last year inked a deal with Japanese electronics giant Fujitsu, which used KeyLemon’s authentication tech in its ESPRIMO X line of computers. (KeyLemon is also a partner in Microsoft’s BizSpark program.)

The round — led by Debiopharm Investments and Swisscom Ventures — is the first major bit of funding for KeyLemon, which was founded 2008.