Sony has hired former LucasArts producer Gio Corsi to lead third-party game production for its North American games division.

His team will work closely with third parties to bring familiar intellectual properties to new places, Corsi wrote on Sony’s PlayStation blog.

“The Third Party Relations team at PlayStation is well-known for developing solid relationships across this industry, and this new group will work closely with our publishing partners to bring their beloved IPs to some new places,” Corsi wrote. “Our partners who are currently in production will have us as a resource to strengthen their development process, ensuring quality and consistency on all Third Party projects.”

The team’s first task is working on the PlayStation Vita version of Borderlands 2 from Iron Galaxy Studios.

Corsi said he had received hundreds of ideas from thousands of tweets from gamers on other games to bring over.

Corsi has been at Sony Computer Entertainment America for three months. In the past,he was at LucasArts, Lucasfilm Animation Singapore, Nexon Publishing North America and Propaganda Games.