Next week’s Intel Developer Forum will be a coming out event for Intel’s new top brass: chief executive Brian Krzanich and president Renee James. Both are slated to give keynotes next on Sept. 10 at IDF in San Francisco — the same day that Apple has also scheduled its own press conference.

Bill Calder, spokesman for Intel, said that both Krzanich and James will have a heavy emphasis on mobile technology in their talks. They will talk about Intel’s newest chips for mobile devices and address how Intel will break into the business in a bigger way as more of the market transitions from PCs to newer devices such as tablets and smartphones.

That transition remains Intel’s biggest challenge and its greatest opportunity, as competitors who use the ARM-based technology currently dominate that space. Intel appointed Krzanich and James to the top spots after former CEO Paul Otellini announced he would retire early.

Calder said that a lot of IDF will focus on Bay Trail, the code name for a 22-nanometer system-on-chip processor that will have much lower power consumption and considerable processing power for tablets and 2-in-1 hybrid laptops, which consumers can use as either laptops or tablets. Bay Trail will be used in upcoming 2-in-1s, tablets, and other small form factor devices — but not so much in smartphones. Bay Trail will also see use in both Windows devices and Android machines. The Android push will show up in tablets appearing next year.

Bay Trail is one of the main offsprings of Intel’s Silvermont chip architecture. Other technologies based on Silvermont are Avoton, a new server chip, and Merrifield, aimed at phones. Intel hopes to put the ARM camp back on the defensive as it launches the Silvermont-based processors across all of its markets.

You can also expect to hear more about Intel’s interest in wearable computing, such as those inspired by Nike’s Fuelband fitness accessories and Google Glass. Intel will also give an update on perceptual computing, though it won’t have huge news around that subject. Intel’s rumored set-top box will not likely make a splash at the event.

Meanwhile, Genevieve Bell, the director of the interaction and experience research at Intel Labs, will speak on Sept. 12 about the future of mobile technology. She will fill the shoes of Justin Rattner, Intel’s chief technology officer, who is on a leave of absence. Her talk, “Seven billion futures, and you’re one of them,” will focus on the future, beyond three to five years out. Intel’s mobility chief, Herman Eul, will also talk about Intel’s mobile strategy in particular on Sept. 11.