Mobile security company Lookout may have made its name with consumers, but it’s eyeing a much larger — and more lucrative — market: the enterprise.

The company announced today that it’s going after corporate customers with Lookout For Business, a security suite that will “keep devices, networks and infrastructure safe from mobile threats and protect corporate devices, plus the sensitive data they carry.”

Lookout isn’t saying much about the software yet, but it does note that the announcement comes after thousands of businesses asked for a more enterprise-friendly mobile security suite. For them, the need for something like Lookout is clear: Businesses are being inundated with more employees using their personal phones for work business — and vice-versa — which in turn exposes more sensitive data to theft and makes more corporate networks vulnerable to hacking.

Lookout also announced that the program will be a part of Samsung Knox, the mobile enterprise security suite Samsung announced earlier this year. Via the partnership, Lookout will have instant access to Samsung’s massive install base, and Samsung, in turn, gets a trusted brand that already has 45 million users.

Lookout For Business will be available later this year.