Publisher Activision has a new mobile game based on its popular Call of Duty first-person shooters. The company released Call of Duty: Strike Team on iOS early this morning for $7.

Strike Team is a hybrid strategy and first-person-shooter game that has players leading a special operations team in the year 2020. Gamers can tactically plan their strikes using the third-person top-down view, but they can also switch to first-person at almost any time when they require some precision killing.

The title has two modes — Campaign Mode, which takes gamers through a fleshed out story and Survival Mode that has players fighting off waves of enemies and competing against friends on leaderboards.

Call of Duty: Strike Force is only compatible with more recent iOS devices. It works on at least an iPhone 4S, a third-generation iPad (that includes iPad Mini), or a fifth-generation iPod Touch.

We’ve reached out to Activision to ask if it plans to release the title on Android or any other platforms. We will update this post with its response.