Last night Evernote — the company that offers notetaking and reminder tools —¬†released its long-awaited Evernote 5 for Windows. This is good news for the company’s 50 million users. And the new release is taking design cues from Apple.

Evernote 5 for Windows features a “modern, flat design” that strips “unnecessary elements” so that, as product designer Lindsey Smith says in the company’s intro video, Evernote would minimize¬†“the distractions of the interface, while really letting your content shine through.”

Sensing a theme here?

But the new version isn’t just a redesign. It’s also faster, with shortcuts to notes and folders you use frequently, and new Notes, Notebooks, and Tags views that, the company says, allows you to see your content better. Evernote 5 for Mac has already had these features for some time, and they’re quick ways to sort through many, many notes to find what you need.

In addition, the new version includes reminders, adding almost calendar-like features to Evernote.

evernote 5 reminders

Some of the new features are a little geeky and gee-whizzy, like the Atlas view that allows you to see notes organized based on where Evernote thinks you were geographically while writing them. Notes created on phones and tablets will have location data, as well as some notes created on desktop machines. This could be handy if you’re a spatial thinker and find that you can only remember what you jotted down when you think of where you were at the time.

I doubt, however, that the feature can distinguish between your 3:00 AM bedside and your home office.

The company has also added what it calls “dramatically improved search” to Evernote 5, with type-ahead so you don’t need to finish typing your entire search query, the ability to search shared notebooks, and the ability to save frequent searches as shortcuts.

Auto-update for Windows Desktop users begins in a week, but impatient Evernote aficionados can download the new version today.

What the sync-all-your-notes between all your devices company didn’t announce?

When Evernote for Windows releases will be synced with Evernote for Mac.