Developers can now use GameAnalytics to get data about their releases for free.

GameAnalytics is now offering its full suite of features to developers without charge. The company previously hid munch of its functionality behind a paywall, but it’s bringing down that barrier in an effort to “democratize” data. This means that game creators can implement GameAnalytics to keep track of retention and conversion rates at no additional cost.

“Large game companies like EA, Microsoft, Zynga, Supercell, Kiloo, and Rovio have the resources to be data-driven,” GameAnalytics chief executive Morten Wulff wrote in a blog post. “They employ large teams of dedicated analysts who use custom-built proprietary data warehouses that cost millions to build and run. Most smaller teams, without such resources at their fingertips, cannot hope to be truly data-driven.¬†Until now, that is.”

Developers use data like the kind that GameAnalytics collects to make changes to their monetization and gameplay to encourage players to keep logging in and to increase the likelihood that gamers will spend money.

Going forward, GameAnalytics is planning to generate revenue with new products.

“With GameAnalytics going totally free, you might ask yourselves how do we intend to monetize in the future,” wrote Wulff. “Our path to revenue includes building up a series of new products that will be released within the next six to 12 months. One is a sophisticated data-mining tool for enterprises — that works with GameAnalytics — and others are products supporting game distribution and monetization.”

That data-mining tool, known as Miner, is already in private beta. GameAnalytics claims developers can use it to figure out what events caused a player to leave a game or to figure out what paying customers have in common.