If you were expecting Apple to release Mavericks, the next version of OS X, during its iPhone event next week, think again.

Apple doesn’t plan to launch the OSX follow-up until the end of October, sources tell 9to5Mac. That release window is a little more concrete than the “fall 2013” estimation that Apple gave before, but it’s also later than most people were expecting. Why the holdup?

According to sources, Apple is pouring the bulk of its engineering resources into iOS 7, which is expected to launch alongside its new iPhones next week. This means Mavericks is in the backseat, at least for now.

All of that makes sense, but the more likely possibility is that Apple is planning a second media event in October, where it will give more details about not only Mavericks, but its new iPads as well. Sadly, this also means that we likely won’t see any Mavericks Macs for another two months or so. Joy.

Announced at WWDC 2013 in June, Mavericks offers features like improved battery performance, advanced multiple display support, and desktop versions of iMaps and iBooks. As with Mountain Lion before it, Apple plans to release Mavericks via digital download for $20 or so.