Exciting news! VentureBeat is announcing a new events package that will enable you to attend three signature events for a fraction of the price, plus you will be admitted to CloudBeat for free!

With this package, $1,500 will get you in to four of our signature events in total: CloudBeat, plus three more of your choice. That’s a huge discount on the usual per-ticket price.

But you have to act now: This offer is only available until Monday at 12 noon Pacific time.

Our goal at VentureBeat is to unify the tech community through a neutral lens and to identify and showcase standout examples of technology that is transforming business. Each one of our events cater to a specific area that we feel is changing how people live, transact and communicate. Whether the focus is mobile, cloud, data, or health, these events are all connected by VentureBeat’s commitment to excellence: We dig deep in to topics, ask the hard questions, and probe for compelling new information to benefit you and the technology community as a whole.

CloudBeat, Sept. 9 – Sept. 10 in San Francisco, is jam-packed with an amazing lineup of speakers. October brings us the Battle Royal at GamesBeat, a look at the wave of new platforms in gaming today. Take a deep-dive into the latest and greatest developer technologies at DevBeat in November. Or maybe you’re hungry for data, analytics, and new trends in data science at DataBeat in December.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing you at Cloudbeat 2013!