If the past few years of logo and interface design have taught us anything, it’s that flat is in.

Google, it seems, is in on the trend. Users of the latest Chrome for Android beta have uncovered a new, unannounced version of the now-ubiquitous Google logo that scraps shadows and textures for something flatter and a bit more clean.

Assuming Google plans to introduce the new design company-wide, it would mark the first big change to Google’s logo since 2010, and certainly the largest one since the original. And we can already safely say it’s better than the one Yahoo introduced last week.

Update:  Or maybe not. A source familiar with Google’s branding guidelines says that the design isn’t Google’s new logo but rather the design it uses as a “print alternative” in situations where the official logo is harder to make out. So as disappointing as it may be to hear this, this isn’t actually Google’s new look. VentureBeat apologies for the initial false report.