Look, we’re all big on freedom. And sometimes, you don’t want some stupid video game telling you what to do. Sometimes, you want to stand in your living room and jump around a little without some jerk robot giving you constant feedback on how well you’re losing yourself to the rhythm. Sometimes, you just gotta dance.

I mean, I don’t, but some people do.

And it’s for those people that Ubisoft is releasing Autodance 2014, a standalone app due out September 26 for iOS and Android devices. This is the updated version of the previous, less-timely named Autodance, and it lets you record you and your friends’ odd gyrations and share them via social media, email, or Ubi’s own community-content site, JustDanceTV.

To unleash the power of Autodance 2014, you use the camera on your smartphone or tablet to capture your sweet moves. You can either put your device on a table like in the above screenshot, or you can just hold your phone at arm’s length and record your performance at selfie range. It’s whatever you want to do, really, because remember: This is about freedom and expression.

Once you have a video worth saving, Autodance cuts it up and remixes your footage into something else entirely by looping, rewinding, and otherwise making it as silly and quirky as possible. All you have to do after that is decide which song from Just Dance 2014’s playlist best suits what you and the program have created and start getting your collaboration out into the world so it can be puzzled over and studied and followed forever.

Or, you know, you could just laugh at your goofy antics with your friends. That’s probably what Ubisoft is going for.