SAN FRANCISCO — Companies small and large have embraced cloud-based software, but implementing that software isn’t always as seamless as it might seem. LED Source ran into that problem and eventually found a solution, the company’s director of marketing and social media, Dean Ernst, said at CloudBeat 2013 today.

As the LED light vendor set up shop around 2005, its leaders wanted to be agile and run the business without any onsite servers, Ernst said. In 2007 it tapped NetSuite for cloud-based enterprise resource-planning software. But around four years later, as LED Source opened up franchise businesses, the franchisees pushed back, suggesting that software from Quickbooks might have been a better fit for them than NetSuite, Ernst said.

The trouble is, data from Quickbooks didn’t integrate well with LED Source’s customer-relationship management software, leaving the head office uninformed about what was happening at its franchises. One would imagine that such popular software would hook together with ease, but that’s not what LED Source found, Ernst said.

Enter Scribe Software, one of many companies, including MuleSoft and SnapLogic, that help bring data together across many systems. Scribe’s employees made the necessary connections and resolved LED Source’s integration woes.

“As a franchise, you need to be able to have an integration platform that allows you to easily repeat what an integration might be,” said Lou Antonucci, the vice president of sales at Scribe, to Mimecast cloud strategist Justin Pirie. “In 30 minutes, a franchise will be up with an accounting system and a sales system fully integrated.”

As companies keep adopting multiple software-as-a-service (SaaS) products, integration vendors like Antonucci’s — not to mention IT heavyweights with their own offerings — should be in for some serious business growth. That means we should be hearing stories like Ernst’s for years to come.