Indie space-flight simulation Kerbal Space Program is still early in development, even though developer Squad released it in 2011. The studio is always adding new features, and now it’s updating the game to version 0.22.

The big new feature in the latest KSP release is research and development. R&D is going to play a big role in the eventual career mode. It will require players to outfit their spacecraft with special bays that can collect data and do science.

Once players have the data, they need to get it back to the mission control on planet Kerbal. Virtual rocket-scientists can either transmit their findings back to their home base using long-range radio antennae or return the ship home.

Players can then use all of this “Science” in their R&D center back home to unlock new parts and capabilities in a new tech tree.

KSP update 0.22 also improves the ship editor by enabling players to save certain parts of their ships for faster assembly. Check that out and more in the official KSP 0.22 update video from Squad: