If you’ve ever sat on the bus wishing that you could bring your bitter rivalries with your friends with you wherever you go, Ubisoft has some news for you.

The publisher is announcing new details on Trials Frontier, the first mobile installment of developer RedLynx’s mega-popular exercise in dirt-bike-centric one-upmanship. The game is coming out for smartphones and tablets later this year. Ubisoft first announced Frontier alongside Trials Fusion, the series’ upcoming console release, at its press briefing at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trade show.

Frontier will be free-to-play and will feature all the leaderboards, obsessive-compulsive time-trials, and realistic physics of its less ambulatory siblings. It will also introduce social-network integration, asynchronous multiplayer, and a metagame where players develop their in-game village and explore a world where people have regressed to living in small, tightly knit communities but still have enough gas to feed their daily biking habit.

RedLynx is designing Frontier and Fusion to interact with one another by unlocking unique content for those who play both titles. I really hope this content includes a bunch of hats for your bike. Society might have crumbled, but your mount still deserves to look and feel pretty.