World of Warcraft players will find a bunch of new content today thanks to patch 5.4, titled Siege of Orgrimmar. Centered around a new raid which culminates with a fight against Garrosh Hellscream, the jerk who’s been leading the Horde ever since Thrall left the position just before the Cataclysm expansion, Siege of Orgrimmar brings a few new features to the 9-year-old massively multiplayer online game outside of the usual class balances and new quests.

The new Flexible difficulty mode for raids is perhaps the most significant addition. Instead of forcing you to find 10 or 25 people to fight through WoW’s large dungeons with, Flexible Raid mode will scale the difficulty depending on how many people you play with (from 10 to 25). Players looking for some solo-based fun can check out the new Proving Grounds, which offer single-player challenges based around tanking, healing, and damaging. Siege of Orgrimmar also features a new area to explore on Pandaria, the Timeless Isle, and a new tournament for pet battles.

While still easily the most popular MMO on the market, WoW has been steadily losing subscribers and revenue. With no new expansion currently announced, it’ll be up to content patches like this to keep the player base from shrinking further. You can find a list of the complete 5.4 patch additions and changes on World of Warcraft’s website.