In a side-by-side comparison, the new PlayStation Vita 2000’s LCD screen can’t compete with the original model’s crisp OLED display.

Earlier this week, Sony revealed a rebooted model of its portable device. The refreshed handheld adds 1GB of built-in storage, an extra hour of battery life, and a slightly bigger screen. Sony added all those things while making the product 20 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter.

That doesn’t mean the new Vita is an all-around improvement over the original. Twitter user Hiro_1998 brought his original Vita into a store to compare it to the new device and posted the following picture online:

The original Vita is on the top. Vita 2000 is on the bottom.

Above: The original Vita is on the top. Vita 2000 is on the bottom.

Image Credit: Hiro_1998

In the comparison photo, you can see that the original Vita [top] has lush color reproduction. The new model, with its larger screen, is much more washed out. The entire image has a yellowish-green tint to is that really mutes the color of the water.

This isn’t surprising. OLED displays often have better image quality than LCDs. It’s also something that most people are unlikely to notice unless they are looking at the two portables right next to each other.

Still, disparity in display quality is something that might encourage some hardcore gamers to favor the original model.

Sony plans to launch the new Vita for around $190 in Japan Oct. 10. No word yet on a version for other markets.