Square Enix’s music game Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is getting a sequel for Nintendo’s 3D portable.

The publisher revealed Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call to Japanese magazine Jump, as first spotted by gaming website Gematsu. It should hit the 3DS portable in Japan during spring 2014.

Square Enix plans to include over 200 Final Fantasy songs in the game. That includes tunes from the company’s latest titles, Final Fantasy XIV and the upcoming Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Curtain Call will also include 60 characters and a Versus Battle Mode, according to the Jump article.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy combines the music of Square Enix’s classic role-playing franchise with rhythm-based touch prompts. Players must touch, drag, and tap onscreen buttons to follow along with the music. It is similar in mechanics to the 2006 DS release Elite Beat Agents.

Square Enix eventually released an iOS version of Theatrhythm, but it did not confirm a smartphone version of Curtain Call.