Google+ has just given its members a bunch of web-based photo editing tools powered by Snapseed.

And yes, of course, that means filters, filters, filters.

The tools also include handy sliders for adjusting specific elements and features to let you tweak only a selected part of the image. The only catch is, you have to use Chrome, Android, or iOS to access the photos you want to edit.

Here’s a demo clip for ya:

The updates will roll out gradually, writes Googler Josh Haftel in a Google+ post on the news.

To say that photo editing, especially filters, is de rigeur for social applications is like saying that Oreos go best with milk. It’s just obvious.

It’s so obvious that there are entire companies that solely exist to give developers photo-editing tools and filters for their apps.

We’re glad Google+ is catching up, and we certainly hope Facebook will bring something flashy to the party soon.