It looks like on top of filing to go public, Twitter is also revamping its Android app. Those who have signed up for a beta received the new version this week, according to The Verge.

twitter appThe redesign is called “version 5.0” and will include new options for navigating around the app using a sliding sidebar. The side bar lists a number of different actions you can take, including going to your home screen, notifications, messages, activity, tending, find people, and your own profile.

The bar is fairly attractive. It uses your photo header in the background that has been blurred to accommodate the text.

The app also includes a horizontal bar at the top of the screen that lists these action options. The search and tweet icons are also at the top with a notifications counter on the left-hand side.

Twitter released a blog post today expressing that it sometimes sends out experiments that don’t actually stick and become a final product, as the Verge notes. It’s possible this app is just a test and, without the right reception, will never see the light of day.

However, it does indicate that Twitter is paying attention to its Android app and that an upgrade will likely be coming soon.