Developer 22Cans’ god game Godus is available to prepurchase now through Valve’s digital-download portal.

Players who buy it can also get access to a beta of the title through Steam’s Early Access program. The game is $20 at this stage. This early access guarantees players will get any subsequent updates and the full, final release at no additional charge.

Godus puts players in the role of a god who has power to sculpt a world and command its population. The more of the civilization that believes in a god, the more powers characters will unlock.

Players can change the topography of the world, build settlements, and guide their followers through the ages.

22Cans lead designer Peter Molyneux is overseeing the game. He is best known for his early god game Populous as well as the Fable series on Xbox and Xbox 360.

The game originally began on Kickstarter. The studio began its crowdfunding campaign in December and asked for around $730,000. The project ended up with more than $835,000 in contributions.