Saints Row IV is out now, and unlike some other open-world crime games that shall go unnamed, developer Volition released the game on PC and is planning to fully support that platform’s active modding community.

Volition is still working on the official mod tools for Saints Row IV, and it plans to release them soon. That delay, however, didn’t stop dedicated Saints Row fans from already releasing a handful of awesome mods.

“Personally, I think one thing that has been particularly exciting is that the modding community was able to take information we have provided for Saints Row 3 and use it to release several mods for Saints Row IV on the launch day,” Volition studio director of programmers told GamesBeat. “This includes a mod that provides 51 additional cheats to the game.”

And PC Saints players are craving more mods. The unofficial — but Volition-approved — Saints Row Mods website reported a 30 percent increase in registrations following the release of Saints Row IV. Activity on its message boards also increased by 292 percent.

With all that in mind, we’ve gone ahead and asked Volition to help us pick the best mods so far. We’ve collected our favorites combined with Volition’s in the gallery below: