Publisher 505 Games is giving Android some love by releasing 2D action-adventure Terraria on the Google Play market today.

Terraria is available now to download for free as a trial. Players can then pay $5 to unlock the full experience. This new version features an exclusive android helper robot that will keep your player company as you dig up the pixelated world.

505 completely redesigned the control system for touchscreen and implemented Google Play Game services. Players can keep track of their play with leaderboards and achievements. Players can also share screenshots of their adventures and creations with friends on Facebook.

Terraria is an open-world sandbox game that has players digging up resources that they can use to craft over 200 different items. Over 75 monsters and five bosses fill the world and keep things challenging.

Developer Re-Logic originally released Terraria for PC in 2011. 505 purchased the rights to distribute it on other platforms and has since released Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and iOS versions. The studio still plans to release the title on PlayStation Vita.