PokémonI’m a happy little trainer. Pokémon X and Y, the newest installments in Nintendo’s incredibly popular monster-collecting series, come out in less than a month for the 3DS handheld console. This means Pokénerds like myself will finally get to check out mega evolutions, one of X’s and Y’s more exciting new features which unlocks incredibly strong forms of some of the most popular Pokémon (like the Mega Mewtwo X pictured above).

Still, it’s clear that not everyone is going to get a mega evolution. And while we can’t say for sure who will get the privilege, we certainly have a good idea of which Pokémon won’t get the special treatment. But what if some of the ugliest, least popular, and ridiculous pocket monsters actually did get the evolutions? Well, it would probably look something like the five examples we came up with in the gallery below.