The PlayStation 4 is going to launch in November, but that doesn’t mean Sony don’t have a few more big releases for its current-gen system.

Sony is launching a marketing effort for its cinematic adventure game Beyond: Two Souls from developer Quantic Dream. The game is due out Oct. 8 for PlayStation 3 and focuses on a young woman named Jodie Holmes (Juno and Inception‘s Ellen Page) who is trying to figure out the origin and meaning of a spirit named Aiden that has followed her around her whole life and gives her special abilities.

As part of the publisher’s advertising campaign, Sony released the following 60-second TV spot:

“In this spot, we set out with a couple of different goals,” Sony Computer Entertainment America marketing manager Derek Osgood wrote on the PlayStation Blog. “We wanted to give viewers a snapshot of Jodie’s story through a series of flashbacks, by highlighting some of the stunning situations she’s going to be thrust into by her mysterious connection with the entity, Aiden. Ultimately, we want you to get a sense for the incredible scope and diversity of Jodie’s journey, while understanding the touching and emotional experience that Beyond: Two Souls is going to provide.”

Beyond: Two Souls also stars actor Willem Dafoe as a scientist who tries to unravel Holmes’ mysterious powers. The game will have a deep emphasis on narrative.

Quantic Dream previously released Heavy Rain for PlayStation 3 in 2010. That game put players in control of multiple characters to solve a murder. It too emphasized narrative-based gameplay.