First from Red Robot Labs.

Above: First from Red Robot Labs.

Image Credit: Jeff Grubb/GamesBeat

The web has no shortage of places to visit to talk about games, but that’s not stopping Red Robot Labs from attempting to launch a new community for gaming fans with a few new ideas.

Red Robot Labs just launched First, which is the company’s Reddit-like platform that uses a series of chatrooms and channels to enable gamers to talk about their favorite titles and topics. It’s available now on Android, and the studio plans to launch on iOS in the near future.

Anyone can join First and immediately start sharing content with other gamers. Players can post images, URLs, YouTube videos, or headlines. The app features the ability to subscribe to conversations and subjects through hashtags so that users can customize their experience.

Red Robot is also implementing the First experience into its mobile strategy title Friendly Fire! This means that fans can create topics and conversations within the game and continue contributing to them through the First app. The developer hopes to offer this functionality to other developers.

We’ll have a more in-depth look at First and an interview with its creators later this week.