Grand Theft Auto V comes out tonight when the clock strikes midnight local time. Our extensive review makes it sound like a must-play, but here’s something you should know before getting started on Xbox 360: Only install the first disc.

The open-world crime game, which takes players to a fictional version of California, comes on two discs for Xbox 360. Don’t worry — you won’t have to swap between the two DVDs in the middle of gameplay, but you do have to install the entire 8GBs of data from disc one in order to start playing in the first place.

But Rockstar says the game will run better if you skip installing the contents of the second disc:

We’ve reached out to Rockstar and asked if it could elaborate on why. We’ll update this post with any new information.

Grand Theft Auto V comes on one Blu-ray disc for PlayStation 3, but that version still requires the 8GB install.