Amazon has finally updated its Prime Instant Video app for iOS today with support for Apple TV’s Airplay feature.

Apple’s Airplay allows you to push your iPad, iPhone, or Macbook’s screen to your television screen, but the feature hasn’t been available for all applications, including Amazon Prime, until now. The updated Prime App means you’ll now be able to push the movies and TV shows from Amazon Prime’s library of free content to your TV.

This is great news for Apple TV owners who prefer to use Amazon to rent and purchase movies and TV shows rather than iTunes. And while you still can’t purchase/rent movies through the Amazon Prime app itself, now you can at least watch them on a larger screen. It’s also nice for those that are already Prime members and can now access thousands of free movies and TV shows.

Also in the Amazon Prime iOS app update is deeper IMDb integration, which means you’ll be able to access some of the information about those movies and TV shows without having to pull up a separate application. It’s also set to be faster and more responsive than the previous version.

You can download the updated Prime app for free now via Apple’s App Store.

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