The next generation presents dedicated gamers with a bit of a problem.

For example, Call of Duty: Ghosts comes out on Nov. 5 for Xbox 360 (and other consoles), but the Xbox One doesn’t come out until Nov. 22, which is when the first-person shooter will debut for Microsoft’s new system. That creates a window where some hardcore Call of Duty fans are probably going to buy Ghosts for Xbox 360 so they can play it when it comes out, but then they will probably buy it again when they upgrade to Xbox One.

Both Sony and Microsoft recognize this situation, and they both announced that they have plans that address the issue. Now, Call of Duty: Ghosts developer Infinity Ward is explaining the many complicated processes to get a discount when you upgrade from the current to next generation.

The digital route

On Xbox One, publisher Activision will sell a special dual-licensed digital version of Call of Duty: Ghosts at participating retailers for $70. This will come with download codes for the shooter for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Alternatively, players can purchase Call of Duty: Ghosts for Xbox 360 through the Xbox Live Game Store and then later upgrade to the Xbox One version — using the same account — for $10 until March 31.

Sony doesn’t have the dual-licensed retail pack, but it does offer the same $10 deal for those who purchase Ghosts digitally or physically for PS3. The game comes with a code that enables customers to buy Ghosts digitally through the PlayStation Network for $10.

Physical at retail

Xbox One

  • GameStop: Members of GameStop’s premium PowerUp Rewards program can trade in the Xbox 360 copy and get the Xbox One version for $10.
  • Amazon: Through Dec. 31, or while supplies last, Amazon will offer gamers that trade in Call of Duty: Ghosts for Xbox 360 a $25 credit toward the Xbox One installment in addition to the $25 trade-in value. This gives you a total of $50 that you can put toward Ghosts.
  • Best Buy: Gamers that purchase Ghosts from Best Buy will get a $10 coupon toward the Xbox One release. Players can then trade in the Xbox 360 version for $40.
  • Microsoft Store: Through Dec. 31, trade in the Xbox 360 version to get the Xbox One Call of Duty: Ghosts for $10.
  • GameStop (Europe): GameStop in Europe is offering a reduced (but unspecified) upgrade fee for those that want to trade in the Xbox 360 version for the Xbox One version.
  • Game (U.K.): Get £40 in trade-in value for the Xbox 360 Ghosts when trading for the Xbox One release.

PlayStation 4

Sony has less options when it comes to getting a discount on the physical game. It looks like no U.S. retailers are offering deals like they are with the the Xbox games.

  • GameStop (Europe): Same as for the Xbox One. Trading in the PlayStation Call of Duty will get you a reduced upgrade fee.
  • Game (U.K.): Also the same as Xbox One. Ghosts for PlayStation 3 will get players £40 in trade-in toward the PlayStation 4 version.