The party don’t start until I walk in. And soon, you’ll know exactly when I’ll be walking in. Because that Uber car I just hailed? The Uber app is going to let me tap a button called “Share my ETA,” which will send all my friends a text message stating just when my Uber car is going to arrive.

If you’re obsessively chilling vodka shots and queuing up the MP3s in anticipation of my arrival, you can time the party’s start even better by following my progress on a live map.

Or, as Uber helpfully explains, you can use this new feature to make sure:

  • your co-worker will know that you’ll be at the meeting in a few
  • your friends will know how much longer they should beg the restaurant to keep your table
  • your mom won’t panic because she’ll know that you made it home alive

OK, Mom, I promise I’ll use this feature for you. But only when I’m leaving the party, K?

Not included in Uber’s blog post: an ETA for when the ETA feature will actually be showing up in Uber’s apps. Soon, we hope. Because you know how much we hate to wait.