Tired of playing Grand Theft Auto V, developer Rockstar’s latest entry in its incredibly popular open-world series of guns, cars, and hookers? Why not write about Grand Theft Auto V instead?

We have a great group of community writers here at GamesBeat, so let’s get everyone together and come up with an extensive collection of content covering one of the year’s biggest releases. Whether you want to do a traditional review, a commentary on its violence, or maybe even look at older entries in the series, we’d love to see as many community articles covering Grand Theft Auto as possible and then collect them into a post that’ll feature your great work.

And if you haven’t written for GamesBeat Unfiltered yet, now is a great time to start. Just visit our “about” page, which will tell you how to make an account and submit your stories to us. Our editors will select your best articles, professionally edit them, and promote them to GamesBeat’s front page. Who knows — maybe it’ll be the start of an actual freelance career in games writing.

Thanks, everyone! We’re looking forward to reading your Grand Theft Auto stories!