Hulu signed a new licensing agreement with the BBC today that will bring a plethora of TV programs to its content library.

This is the first big content licensing addition Hulu has added since its owners — Disney, 21 Century Fox (formerly News Corp.), and Comcast — decided to scrap plans to sell the streaming service for the second time earlier this year. Hulu’s owners were unable to find a buyer willing to pay the estimated $2 billion asking price and instead decided to invest $750 million into Hulu’s growth — some of which is being used to add more content to the service. And with Netflix and Amazon Prime both vying for attention, it’s very important for Hulu to stay competitive with its content library.

As for the BBC licensing deal, Hulu users will gain access to immensely popular shows like Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sherlock, Luther, Red Dwarf, Merlin, Robin Hood, MI-5, and several others. The deal initially includes a total of 144 programs, which will be available to those that sign up for the $8 per month Hulu Plus subscription. However, a small selection of programming will be available on the free version of the service, too.

Hulu plans to make different genres of the BBC content available over the next few months, starting with sci-fi today. Over the following weeks, the service will add BBC dramas, followed by comedies and documentary-type programs.