Sharpen your swords, monster slayers: Infinity Blade III, the finale in Chair Entertainment’s and Epic Games’ gorgeous, award-winning action role-playing mobile game franchise, is now available in the Apple Store for $6.99.

For the first time in the series, players can slay their foes as both the hero Siris and the stealthy female warrior-thief Isa. Each character has three distinct combat styles and their own set of over 135 weapons and items. Siris and Isa face dozens of new enemies and bosses in a single-player campaign with multiple paths and unique missions. Chair and Epic claim the game has the most detailed story scenes ever shown on a mobile device, featuring the voice talents of actors John Noble and Troy Baker.

Infinity Blade III also has a multiplayer component; players from around the globe can team up for group-based challenges to defeat enemies and earn rare loot. The online modes include single-player daily challenges called Trials, multilayered co-op events called ClashMobs, and long-running competitive qualifying events called Aegis Tournaments.

The Infinity Blade series is one of the most popular gaming franchises on the App Store. It’s made over $30 million since the original game launch in 2010.