Real Deal Interactive is coming out of stealth today as a mobile-first social casino gaming company.

Lucky Loot Casino is a licensed title using the Real Deal Interactive platform

Above: Lucky Loot Casino is a licensed title using the Real Deal Interactive platform

Image Credit: RDI

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company has created a mobile gaming platform that it is licensing to third-party game publishers. Its first game, Lucky Loot Casino slot machine game, is live on the Google Play store now. The idea is to create a platform that larger online gambling and social gaming companies can use to enter the social casino games business.

Real Deal Interactive’s platform has exclusively licensed games and a loyalty rewards system. The company is creating mobile social casino games from licensee partners that have the same graphics, game mechanics, math, and animations as those found on casino floors.

Social casino games are a fast-growing $1.7 billion market, but there are perhaps a hundred companies trying to do the same thing.

“If a player was to take the app and hold up next to the actual slot machine, they would be experiencing the exact same play, said Faisal Siddiqui, chief executive and co-founder of the firm. “We believe we are the only company to offer this level of authenticity on mobile.”

Faisal Siddiqui, Bart Yeary, and Daniel Arnold

Above: Faisal Siddiqui, Daniel Arnold, and Bart Yeary

Image Credit: RDI

The company was founded in January and it has three employees. Its competitors are big companies including Caesar’s, IGT, and Zynga. The casino platform can be used to create games on Google Play, iOS, and the Amazon Kindle. Since the company is licensing its platform, it is isn’t restricted to a single casino game maker or physical casino affiliation.

The loyalty system that players to redeem points for gift cards from companies like Best Buy, The Home Depot and WalMart. More localized rewards coming soon. Players can earn achievements, compete in weekly challenges, and share the experience with friends through Facebook and Twitter. Game boosts and other consumable items are in development. 

The company has received funding from private angel investors and its founders. The founders come from the casino gambling industry and that has allowed it to secure more than 50 slot game titles under license from slot machine makers. The idea is to recreate some of the most successful slot machines from real life in the social casino space.

Siddiqui said the company started by serendipity. He moved his family from Miami to Carmel, Calif. There, he met Bart Yeary, who became his chief product officer and co-founder. Siddiqui spent his career in the information technology and casino industries. He moved into casino work and was a consultant in Miami for Alan Azizollahoff, one of Latin America’s largest gambling operators. Yeary was a social game creator who created an early social casino game virtual world. He worked on title such as FooPets.They decided to go all-in on a mobile casino venture.

“That moment was incredible for both us of,” Siddiqui said. “We did some quick homework, made some calls, and within weeks, we both decided this was it.”

So far, the players who have tried the game have played 5.5 average sessions per day and 10.2 minutes per session. About 1.2 percent of players make a purchase, and the average revenue per user is 78 cents to the $1.04 to date. Siddiqui said those metrics are better than typical social casino games.