Nintendo is looking to the original Wii’s killer app to bring some more firepower to the Wii U’s roster.

The publisher revealed today that it will soon begin selling five of the original Wii Sports minigames as individual downloads on the Wii U eShop under the Wii Sports Club name. These games include Bowling, Tennis, Baseball, Boxing, and Golf.

Bowling and Tennis will hit the Wii U’s digital-distribution store first on Nov. 7 for $10. Baseball, Boxing, and Golf will hit the service in the following months. In addition to purchasing the games outright, Nintendo is offering players the option to download the games for a free 24-hour trial period. After that period expires, gamers can choose to either pay $1.99 for a day pass or plunk down the $10 for unlimited access.

Nintendo plans to update the graphics to high definition to take advantage of the Wii U’s full capabilities. These games will also work with the enhanced Wii MotionPlus controller for more precise input, and Nintendo is implementing online multiplayer. That means gamers can bowl against each other in a versus mode online.