Developer Undead Labs’ State of Decay makes its PC debut tomorrow.

The studio plans to unleash the zombie survival title on Valve’s Steam digital-distribution service. The game still in its beta phase, so the company is selling it for $20 on Steam Early Access. Purchasing the early version also guarantees that players get the full release later this year. Undead Labs also says that save data from the beta will also carry over to the final game.

But one caveat: The Early Access version requires an Xbox 360-compatible controller. As the studio iterates on the game, it plans to add support for keyboard and mouse.

“This process is not for everyone,” Undead Labs’ director of community Sanya Weathers wrote in a company blog. “Casual players, the easily frustrated, and the short of time should not get the Early Access version. Hey, I am all three of those things, y’all. Those are not criticisms. It’s just that we want everyone to have the experience that best suits their needs. You all deserve the best, so if you’re not into giving feedback, just wait a few months and play the final version after we make it great.”

State of Decay puts players in control of characters in the mountains during a zombie apocalypse. Gamers must use stealth and combat to gather resources and protect their territory.

The game debuted for Xbox Live Arcade in June.