Sponsored Jobs on LinkedIn just got a little more valuable. The company announced today that these paid-for job listings will now be pushed into users’ LinkedIn feeds found on the site’s homepage.

LinkedIn first released the option to buy sponsored jobs last year, but these listings did not show up in the targeted person’s feed. Now, both “active and passive job seekers” will be able to view your job postings, broadening the potential applicant pool while continuing to filter for those the company truly wants. This might serve as an attractive option in a time when many businesses’ first complaint is that they can’t find the right candidate.

It will also serve as a potentially lucrative ad product for LinkedIn. Social networks and Internet companies alike are searching for new ways to make revenue. In-stream job-lead generation could be a good avenue for LinkedIn, which has a very purpose-driven audience.

Furthermore, the social network is also bringing these sponsored jobs to its mobile apps. LinkedIn says that over 30 percent of its users come from a mobile device. That’s a large audience that a potential job advertiser might miss if mobile was excluded.

At the moment, only English-speaking users will see sponsored jobs. Those in other languages will be able to view sponsored jobs in the coming weeks.